Monday, 18 February 2008

Movie Reviews - The Postman, Machuca, City of God

The Postman (Il Postino) (1994)

A movie that can only be described as sweet. A idyllic Italian fishing village complete with serene background music to drive home the serenity point. A fisherman's son who doesn't really want to be a fisherman. He falls in love. He seeks help from the town's newest resident, the famous poet - Pablo Neruda - to lend words to his thoughts. And he succeeds. Then comes the weird elongated ending.

Almost a perfect movie. Directed by Michael Radford.

Machuca (2004)

I had no idea Chile made good cinema. This is a great movie. In every respect. The story may sound familiar. I've seen Disney work this angle before. Set in the seventies. Two boys from different backgrounds become best friends when the rich boy's private school starts admitting poor students. Their friendship is tested in the wake of violence and political unrest...

A movie that I hope to see again. I like movies where not a scene is out of place. The directors name is Andres Wood. I've got to remember that name.

City of God (2002)

Very well made. A story about the residents and gang members of a particular slum area in Rio called the City of God. Though told in first person, the movie is told mostly in flashbacks, and from other peoples points of view. The narrator also 'freezes' the movies many a time to explain a character (a bit like in 'Snatch'). Following the lives of characters from the 60's onwards, you tend to get drawn into their violent lives. I'm pretty sure I'd like to see this again. Directed by Fernando Meirelles.