Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Links 20


Why the BJP-Shiv Sena is silent on the mega NCP-Congress irrigation scam in Maharashtra -



Pervez Hoodbhoy on Neutrinos and Angels -

On Thomas Jefferson and slavery -

World freehand circle drawing champion -

Woman operated for tapeworm in brain -

How the fatwa changed a writer's life -

Superb narrative on fascinating subculture -

Woman had to be held upside down to be conscious -

Man at cafe meets inventor of the pixel -

Doctor in Antarctica who removed his own appendix -


Korean drummer steals show -


Octopus steals food and casually wrestles shark -

Leopard catches impala in flying leap -

A note on zoos -

The Amboseli project is the longest running elephant research project in history -

Regrown lizard tails aren't perfect copies of the original -

Alternative theory on canine dominance and learning -

Virgin births among wild snakes -

Time-lapse video of tarantula molting -

Mites living on your face -

Whale vomit is valuable -

Video of stick insect hatching -


On the failed biosphere projects -

Zoos discussing climate change -

Collection of Liam heneghan articles -

On security flaws in Apple and Amazon -

We're getting fat because we eat too much, not because we're sedentary -


Canadian cheese smugglers are earning $2,000 per trip -


The Guadalupe-Nipomo dunes -


WW2 technically ended in 1990 -


Did the US over react to 9/11? -


100 TV series finales in under 7 minutes -


Separate eggs with a plastic bottle -

Giant cartoon paper sculpture in New Zealand -

A website dedicated to the guillotine -


Jesus and Mo cartoons -

I like these -

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to Gangnam style -

If you thought those '18 Again' ads were weird -

Did you hear the one about the building and the barometer? -

Dramatic entrance fail -