Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Here's an interesting site that I came across - http://lifehacker.com/

Apparently, it tells you how to get through or simplify your life or fix any sudden problems that you face with shortcuts (hacks).

While I may not have learned much from this site yet, I do think I'll keep returning to it.


Monday, 26 May 2008


I read a lot of experiences that foreign visitors post about their travels to India. While I sympathize with them, I remember that I used to be one of them. True, when I first moved here, I was more or less a foreigner. I adjusted over time. Now, when I hear them expressing wonder at some of the things they see, I go “Hey, that’s me. That’s my line.” But I’ve lost the right to express things like that. I’m no longer a foreigner, no longer an outsider. How do I express my anguish at what I see around me? They can because it’s contained, it’s wonderment. They are only here for a short time. I have to stay here for years. How can I possibly say all that I have to say if it means I would never be able to shut up?

How to Become an Early Riser

I came across this interesting set of articles on how to become an early riser. You can check them out here at Steve Pavlina’s blog -


In short, what Steve suggests is that we set a fixed time every morning at which to wake up but go to sleep the previous night only when we’re really sleepy. Our bodies will get into the habit of waking early eventually.