Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Movie Review - Syriana

I finally got to see this movie Sunday afternoon. Two thumbs up to the flick makers.

The movie traces the paths of different characters- energy analyst Matt Damon is invited to pitch a deal to the Prince of an oil-rich Arab country regarding strategising the direction of the country's economy. George Clooney is a CIA operative who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then there's the lawyer hired by the newest amalgamated oil company in the U.S trying to probe the illegal sanctioning of an oil deal by a central Asian country to an American oil company and find out who's responsible. There's also the out of work Pakistani who gets recruited as a Jehadi. Quite a bunch of interesting characters.

A friend of mine says the movie was not at any time judgemental, even in the scenes with the Jehadis. I've also read about similarities with the movie 'Traffic'. I guess this movie doesn't offer any solutions either, it just says they're all guilty people. Interesting point- I read a piece in the Times Of India a couple of days before seeing the movie. It was about global power lines and alliances of the near future all revolving around oil fields.

The part about the movie I didn't like so much was the continuous rhetoric that the characters have to use just to 'explain' the underlying situations to the audience. But the movie was nice apart from that. Just around two hours long and thoroughly enjoyable.

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