Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Movie Review - 11:14

The movie proves to be quite 'different' though not one of my best movies I've seen. It starts of with a young man driving along a deserted road when a body falls on his car at precisely 11:14 P.M. He thinks he hit and killed the victim himself and so tries to hide the body. This, believe it or not is actually the end of the story and everything in the movie that happens from here on is a flashback consisting of different activities carried out by different people connected to the victim which all amount to a really bizarre series of coincidences.

A number of people in the little town where the accident takes place have all embarked on their own little adventure that same night and in the minutes preceding the fatal accident manage to crisscross each others lives in more ways than one.The whole movie is shown from the perspectives of all the characters present in the story and so each perspective lasts only a few minutes.

The entire movie has a depressing feel to it as well. I really could have done well by missing it entirely. The DVD which is available at Clixflix also has an interesting feature where you can change your screen mode and actually view two characters perspectives simultaneously.

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