Tuesday, 8 January 2008

World Gone Crazy As Usual

I rearranged the channel line up on my T.V recently so that all the news channels are now next to each other. I did this so that I can now compare the news on one channel with another one without wasting time flipping through channels.

I was able to try out my idea last night - almost wished I hadn't. All four Indian English channels (NDTV, TimesNow, Headlines Today and CNN IBN) were broadcasting one thing and one thing only - the Harbhajan/Symonds/Ponting/racism/sportsmanship/match referee/umpire fiasco.

Have we officially run out of news in Mumbai? (or, for that matter, the rest of India). No, we haven't. As a matter of fact, the bodies of two girls were found at Aksa beach yesterday. A rickshaw driver died and at least 4 people were injured in an accident on the Western Express highway yesterday. Lots of stuff happened yesterday. So why do our news channels focus only on Cricket?

Why do they treat our players like princes and spend so much airtime and print space on them. I just don't get it.

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