Monday, 25 August 2008

Busy Fri Nights

Fri Night was busy. Met up with TP at St Peter's after work. He was late as usual.

Met up with G nearby and went to Candies at Pali. Had an overpriced snack and a terrible complimentary raspberry shake.

Met up with SL and Sang outside and decided to split up into two groups and head to Barbeque Nation.

Reached BBQ Nation, but plans change and we headed to the Mumbai Times Cafe instead.

Walked there to find that the place had turned into a disc. Maybe because of the beerfest.

Tried the floor-covered-in-sand rooftop restaurant next door but it was full.

Got separated in the lift going down and chilled out at the shopping area downstairs by going up and down the escalator.

Finally headed off to Golden Door, where we had fun. SL, being one of the more intrepid members of our group, even decided to read aloud the poem on the menu. Two other friends dropped by for drinks towards the end. Saturday and Sunday were boring in comparison.

My Fri night the previous week wasn't so bad either. Went to Rasoi Borivli with MD. Had some really good Mutton Rasoi Spl with Naan and some average Prawns.


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