Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Tuesday Night Expedition

Met up with TP on Tuesday night at Globus, chilled there for a while, and then went to Reliance Trends next door to chill some more. Didn't find a single cap that would fit my head.

Decided to walk to Tavaa to get something to eat. Reached Tavaa and ordered Kesar and chocolate Faloodas. They sucked.

Walked to Suburbia to see what was playing. The next movie was at 10.30 which was still two hours away.

Took a rick to Janta's but found it crowded. Went to Papa Pancho's instead.

That's the last time I go there. They have very few snacks or starters. And what they do have is overpriced. A main dish that should and does cost Rs. 115 at a regular Indian restaurant costs double i.e Rs. 230 at Papa Pancho's. The shredded tandoori chicken that we ordered tasted good, but at Rs. 110 for the quantity we got, was definitely not worth the price. We then ordered Sev puri but it didn't taste that good.

Discussed the dearth of eateries in Bandra offering both cheap and good food, a problem I've never had to encounter in Borivali.


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