Sunday, 12 October 2008

KGFI '08

Took a train to Churchgate on Sat to catch the Kala Ghoda Festival of India. This Oct version of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival festival didn't have all the trappings and festive air of its larger February cousin, but didn't exactly disappoint either.

Saw a lot of cool tribal Warli paintings - but too expensive. You'd think that that stuff would be the cheapest. Instead, it was around Rs.500 for a doormat size painting. The guy in charge of the stall didn't want any pictures taken. Don't know why; was he afraid somebody would try to copy the designs?

There are always a few people who don't want any photos taken of their goods. Personally, I think screw them, its a public place and I can photograph whatever I want. I know my rights. But I know it's not worth arguing about. If they don't want their stuff photographed, that's cool with me, I'll just go somewhere else. There are a lot of interesting objects waiting to be captured.

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