Monday, 13 July 2009

Salim Ali Point Trail

So I had a choice of where to spend my Sunday trekking. I could either go to Chinchoti with friends, or to Salim Ali Point with the BNHS. I chose Salim Ali Point - I like meeting new people, and I hadn't been to this part of the park.

They had us meet at the CEC at 7.00 A.M, an hour earlier than we normally congregate for treks to the Goregaon side of the park, which meant a 5.00 A.M wake up for me. Boy, am I used to this. I've had some really early starts for trips, even getting up at 4.00 A.M a few times.

I needn't have hurried, the number of people that showed up ensured that registrations delayed our start by a half hour. We were split up into four groups of twenty each. I picked the group with the fewest children. The nature trail itself was short - about an hour from the CEC.

It rained a couple of times during our trek. Nice heavy rain. Lots of biting insects around. Glad I was coated in Odomoss. Got time to apply a fresh coat halfway through the trail. Got to see a few caterpillars. Not nearly as many or large or colourful as we saw last week at Rajmachi. Also saw some excellent large pupae.

Salim Ali Point is a sort of high point that's excellent for birdwatching, at least when it's not raining. It's not that high up, but is probably the highest point on BNHS land.

Got home by 11.30.


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