Monday, 27 September 2010

Movies Seen: 2012, Henry Poole is Here

Another Roland Emmerich disaster film. Massive sun flare causes tectonic plate shift and pole realignment, causing destruction and creation of new land masses. Woody Harrelson's zaniness doesn't do much to balance this 2009 film's disturbing portrayal of mass deaths.

Picked this film at random out of the 100 plus unseen movies on my HD after seeing 2012. Imagine my delight when I saw a slightly younger Morgan Lily, who also acted in 2012, among the cast. What are the odds?

Henry Poole is Here is one of the better American movies I've seen recently. A 2008 kind-of-dark movie directed by Mark Pellington, an angry cynical man tired with life retires to suburbia to waste his life away, but his neighbours won't let him.

Luke Wilson is enjoyable to watch, Radha Mitchell is a lot more enjoyable to watch in this film than the last movie I saw her in (Thick as Thieves), and Morgan Lily is adorable.



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