Friday, 1 October 2010

New Rickshaw & Taxi Tariffs for Mumbai

For those of you new to Mumbai or looking for meter conversion charts to make sense of the rickshaw and taxi meters in the city, this post will help.

Firstly, as a note to new visitors to Mumbai, the meters in the city are out of date. Meaning the number you see on the meter is not your actual fare. The actual fare is slightly more and you might need a tariff/rate/fare conversion chart to convert the meter number into actual rupees.

Furhermore, the autorickshaw and taxi rates in Mumbai were increased in June 2010. The minimum rickshaw fare is now Rs.11 (from Rs.9 earlier). For taxis it's now Rs.16 (from Rs.13) for the first 1.6 kms, with Rs.10 for each successive km. And a 25% increase from 12.00 - 5.00 A.M. 

You can view and download the new conversion charts for both rickshaws and taxis from the official Mumbai Traffic Police website below.  

All the ricks and taxis will have switched over to the new system by now, so even if the meters look old, they've been re-calibrated to the new rate, and you're supposed to be billed accordingly. Also, the drivers are supposed to carry the new tariff charts with them, so don't let them con you by saying they don't have any conversion charts because of the switch. They're just using that as an excuse to set their own rate.

I carry printouts with me for quick reference at all times. I suggest you do the same.



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