Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Movies Seen: Get him to the Greek, Almost Famous

2 movies about affable people who're rock fans but otherwise normal, suddenly caught up in the world of rock, forced to spend time with rock musicians and deal with their chaotic lives and the changes in their own lives that follow.

Get him to the Greek (2010) - mild mannered record company executive is sent to London to escort an eccentric washed out rock star to the US for a comeback concert. Both are forced to face their individual problems along the way.

Almost Famous (2000) - A coming of age film. Young boy dreams of being a rock journalist; gets his wish fulfilled when Rolling Stone asks him to travel with a certain band and do a story on them. He learns about life, love, betrayal and failure along the way.

Neither movie glorifies the whole rock and roll lifestyle thing. That's not the focus of the films. Rather, the films portray the lifestyle or the lifestyle's stereotypes for what they are, and use that imagery, the extreme that is the lifestyle of a rock star, as a mirror against which the protagonists view themselves in all their apparent mediocrity, their own truth, learning something new about themselves.

As this guy says, we see ourselves in terms of others.



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