Thursday, 6 March 2014

On the Nature of Genius

I've been reading up on genius lately. What makes a genius. Who can be considered a genius.

There seems to be little distinction between literary, scientific, and musical genius. It doesn't seem to be what you change, but how you change it. It's more about what you create, and how much of a difference this makes to the world. Genius involves thinking outside the box. Most scientists, artists and creators don't do that. They simply work within a slightly enlarged box, enlarging it from the inside, standing on the shoulders of others. 

A true genius finds a way to look anew at what everyone else sees, and see things no one else does. A new way of thought, a new pattern, a new philosophy, a new logic to how the world works. A game changer. A new type of art, a new type of mathematics, a new way to connect the dots. Creativity and originality. Education helps. you need to know how the existing status quo works before you reject it and establish a new one.

It seems to me that what truly separates a genius from the rest are not their abilities themselves, but associating their abilities with a leap of progress. Newton was smart. So were/are the last 50 Nobel prize winners. That doesn't make all of them geniuses. They all played a part in progress, but only one of them revolutionised the field of mathematics. 


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Melvin Dsouza said...

Back in days of old, Witches and wizards revolutionized the way people accepted situations and how to deal with them... however no one held torches to their name - Instead the torches were used to burn them at the stake! Dont mess with the powers that be when you decide to think outside the box. hahaha

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