Saturday, 22 September 2007

Book Review - The Picture of Dorian Gray

A young man, beautiful and charming beyond measure, innocent and unconscious of his own beauty and the effect it has on people. He meets a man, Lord Henry, who makes him aware of his physicality and especially - its short shelf live. This opens up a new world to him. He fears aging. He fears losing his 'good looks'. He wishes that he could stay young forever while his painting ages in his place.

His wish is granted.

With the gift of youth, he embarks on a life of hedonism, and selfish pleasure. He knows that people get hurt because of him. He doesn't care; even if he does, he tries to drown out these memories, and the parts he played in them, with even more pleasure seeking. All this while, his painting not only bears the brunt of age but the brunt of his sins as well. It becomes, in effect, the conscience, the soul, that he lost a long time ago.


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