Friday, 28 September 2007


Sunday Sept 23rd - was thinking about something - letting my mind flow -

One - analysing why we don't help strangers - why do we feel icky when helping strangers/ volunteering - we don't mind giving money - that's easy - but lifting a hand is too hard. What if a friend of mine had a problem - say AIDS - I wouldn't hesitate to help him/her out - so why don't we do the same for strangers, be it a simple task, forget AIDS - strange - what separates our friends from strangers - the people in mumbai who ignore others crying out for help and don't help them - they have firends whom they help out regularly - so why not strangers? - interesting - is there a part of our brain that controls this - is it psychological rather than neurological? - nature vs. nurture?

Two - Orkut - some people have a close network of friends whom they talk to regularly - others have a large network of acquaintances whom they know just casually - what works out best? - do I really need to send an invite out to someone who I might or might not have greeted and who might or might not have greeted me while we passed each other in a corridor when working at a job I hated 4 years ago and who might not even remember my name and hardly care one way or another? - need to analyse this further...


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Bits and Pieces said...

1) Its very simple. We are nicer to friends than we are to strangers, because we hope that when we are in trouble, our true friends might help us in turn. Strangers - its pot luck really. I've had some amazing strangers helping me out sometimes.

2) Never experienced this on Orkut. The three types of requests I get are:

i. Random idiots - you know the ones I mean (!)

ii. Old school friends/work colleagues/acquaitances

iii. New friends/work colleagues/acquaintances who also happen to be on orkut and view it as another means of stayin in touch.

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