Monday, 1 December 2008

RR Patil Resigns

If it was Shivraj Patil, our not so venerable Central Home Minister who faced the music yesterday (and was replaced by Finance Minister Chidambaram, the PM in turn taking over the Finance portfolio), the second head on the chopping block seems to be our Dy CM, RR Patil, who apparently says he quit today on his own and without any pressure. That is to say, no pressure other than the 200 dead bodies piled up on his conscience.

For my part, I'm still piecing together a set of actions that will let me and other people know what exactly they can do to avoid attacks like these in the future and increase accountability. I'm disappointed in the total lack of leadership in this situation. There seems to be a collective feeling of anger and a sense of being let down by our elected representatives, yet not one of them has come forward to offer an outlet for this anger, to let us know what exactly we can do or what role we ordinary citizens can play to improve the present situation.



Bobby said...

Well! Not everyone can have a cool head at such times - right!

Daniel said...

True, but we still need to expect nothing but the best from our elected representatives. After all, they get paid by our tax rupees.

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