Sunday, 30 November 2008

Home Minister Resigns

Right, first off, I'm glad that our Home Minister, Shivraj Patil, is gone. What I'm not glad about is that he's off the hook so easily. There has to be some kind of accountability measure in place to ensure that he's done justice to his time in office, which I seriously doubt he has, and if that's the case, to ensure that he cools his heels in jail for a while due to incompetence. The same goes for all the others down the line who've failed in their duty to the nation. They need to have their belongings confiscated and sold off to pay off part of the damages from the terrorist attack. Also, I'm not happy that he's being turned into a scapegoat. Fingers need to be pointed in many directions, but right now, he's the only one in the blame limelight.

I have also found this blog, written by someone directly affected by the attack. Makes for interesting reading. I've been glued to a lot of blogs over the past few days. Blogs like John P Matthew, Gauravonomics, Desi Pundit, Death Ends Fun, Mumbai MetBlogs, and India Uncut have all kept me informed and opinionated.



Bobby said...

My dad says "this guy is an idiot and can't understand why congress gives him such a post"

I ate a whole Galaxy chocolate after saw this guy resigned!
Sweet Celebrations! ;)

Daniel said...

@ Bobby:

Yeah, and RR Patil the Dy CM of Maharashtra, has resigned as well. More on that later.

The Nomad said...

Thanks :)

Daniel said...

@ Nomad,

No, thank you for pointing it out, it's little things like these that ensure our security.

Serendipity said...

thanks Daniel, just saw your comment (on my post).

And.. no hard feelings (now) :)

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