Thursday, 20 November 2008

Fading Away

Great blogs don't die, they just fade away...

I've noticed that a few of my favourite blogs (that also happen to be very well written) have been winding up recently, with few explanations provided.

The first one to bite the dust was A walk in the Clouds. Meghalomania's last post was on May 2, after which she and her alter ego's have stayed mysteriously silent.

And the next one was
The Voice in my Head - Melody Laila shut shop on Aug 16 after some divine intervention.

Wonder which one's next.



Bobby said...

it always happens so!
entre toi-et-moi (b/w u n me) this blog is my 4th blog!!
so they may strt again ;)

Daniel said...

Yeah, you're right, nothing's permanent, Who knows if this blog will still be alive in 5 years.

ColOman said...

Don't worry I wont close mine :)

Daniel said...

Thanks ColOman, that's good to know ;-)

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