Monday, 17 November 2008

Elephanta Trip

Went to Elephanta island on Sunday.

Woke up at 5.15 A.M. Left home a little before 6.00. Bought a return ticket to Churchgate at Borivli station. Took the 6.18 slow. Got off a Dadar at 7.00. Met PV and BD at 7.15 and took a cab to the BNHS office together, which we reached at 7.30, and registered. Walked to the Gateway with the group.

Took a ferry to Elephanta. Enjoyed the one hour long ride to the island. Being November, it was hot but the breeze that accompanied the ferry ride was quite refreshing.

Passed an oil tanker on the way to the island, and private boats as well.

Reached Elephanta and walked along the long wharf to the mainland.

Also saw some fishing boats.

The island is mostly made up of hills and we had to walk up a long series of steps to get to the top, where all the real action is. Traders were selling touristy wares on both sides of this path.

The point towards the top where the stairway ends is a sort of junction, with a left turn going into secluded forest area and the path straight ahead leading into the famous Elephanta cave complex. We, however, turned left to begin our birdwatching trip.

The path we took soon led us to a lake, where we saw a number of birds.

The path went on past a village and ended at the coast.

Where one of our guides, Vinod Patil, managed to catch this beautiful creature.

PV and I did go see the caves later, marvelling at the large and beautiful structures cut into the hill, and the amount of time and effort it must have taken to do that. Couldn't take any pictures unfortunately since my camera batteries were too low.
Had lunch at an MTDC restaurant on the island (average food, poor service) and finally took a ferry back to Mumbai at 2.30.


Bobby said...

Elephanta Island!
I didn't get to visit - I may visit this year!
lovely pics and love the lizard

Daniel said...

You should visit. It's very well maintained, with both the ASI and MTDC taking care of it. Go early in the morning, before it gets too hot.

Most people just see the caves, but you should try to do a little exploring as well.

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