Sunday, 11 January 2009

Photography Lessons: Natural Lighting

Noticed the difference between using flash and natural lighting on my recent trip to Arnala.

On my trip, I took pairs of photos of various objects, one photo utilising the automatic flash on my camera and the other with flash disabled. From the results below, it's clear that natural light works better in many cases.

In the two photos of the same object below, only the first one utilises flash. The second one accentuates the shadows at various corners, lending more feeling to the image.

Similarly, in the two photos below, the first one (that utilises flash) seems to me to be flat and uninspiring, while the second one contains warmer tones.

I'm not sure about this last pair. Both look good in their own way.



Jeremy Davis said...

Good examples. Lighting affects photos much more than people realize. A flash can overwhelm the natural lighting, and ruin great lighting that is already there. Keep on experimenting without a flash. Thanks!

Daniel said...

Thank you, I plan on uploading quite a few pics from my current trip soon.

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