Sunday, 4 January 2009


Watched a couple of movies on Saturday.

Blue Velvet - a 1986 David Lynch dark mystery thriller. The movie is filled with moments of silence mixed with various shots of small town life, lending a feeling of surrealism to the movie at times. Added to this is the dark violent graphic aspect of the movie that hits you periodically. The movie is more about the director's personal vision taking precedence over the story. Each scene is extremely powerful; though not all leads are tied up or all events explained at the end, you get caught up in the story anyway, despite it getting weirder.

Papillon - a 1973 Franklin Schaffner movie about escaping from prison. Excellent. Close to an epic.

Saturday night was fun. Met up with friends who I haven't seen in years. Ate shormas and visited CCD at Carter road, before heading to Elco's. Laughed and joked around a lot. Haven't done so in a while. Forgot how good it feels. Should do this more often.


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