Friday, 14 August 2009

Burglars Catch Out Paedophile

You've just gotta love this article. Police in the U.K arrest a paedophile after burglars tip them off about objectionable material on a laptop of his that they stole. The paedophile eventually gets three and a half years in prison.

The burglars sparked the investigation which brought him to justice after they stole a laptop from his house on August 19 last year.

They uncovered a more disturbing crime than their own when they found child pornography on the computer, and contacted the police.

Acting Detective Sergeant Chris Stone said: 'Whilst they were carrying out an offence themselves, it is commendable that they did the right thing and this in turn has helped bring a serious offender to justice.

I wonder if thieves have some kind of unwritten unspoken unconscious code of honour among them? Is there some kind of hierarchy of respect that exists in the criminal world? Do thieves look down on murderers, who look down on rapists, who look down on so on and so on? Or is it the other way round, do you garner more respect based on the seriousness of your crime? Either way, the paedophile's probably going to be last.



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