Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Light Traces

Thursday saw me go to the St Andrews auditorium at 8 P.M to catch a show called ‘Light Traces’ and ‘Surkh’ by the Terrence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company in association with the American Centre. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I called up TP about 15 minutes before the show started to tell him free tickets were available (I wasn’t sure before) and so had company. We took up seats at the top row.

The audience consisted of mostly young college going type people, some of whom didn’t seem too appreciative of the performers. That’s what happens when you let people in for free – you get the wrong type of crowd. Surprisingly though, I didn’t see any older or even middle aged people, and the auditorium was not packed to full capacity. I wonder why the older people stayed away. Maybe they got scared away by the free tickets (thought it was a scam or something), leaving the whole venue open to a young crowd. The crowd was so young, I almost felt like I was back in college attending one of the competitions that St Andrews College always holds in the auditorium.

It was all contemporary and interpretative dance. A little performance art as well I felt. I liked the opening of the Mumbai local performance. It started of with noisy scenes from a Mumbai local flowed by a fade to black followed by the same scenes fast forwarded. This was more of an acting and performance art piece which was then followed by contemporary dance which also formed the crux of all the other pieces. I didn’t really get the dance parts and did feel a bit bored watching them. How do you enjoy something you can’t understand or appreciate no matter how hard you try? I got the impression that most others didn’t get the performances either.

We went to 5 Spice at Pali afterwards for dinner with SL and Sang. Had a Long Island Iced Tea – lovely. Went to Boat Club later for a short while (it was Hip Hop night) before leaving for home.


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