Wednesday, 9 July 2008


They screened ‘The Incredibles’ in the office in the afternoon. I saw a bit of the movie – it was good – before returning to work and my computer screen, which, due to the lights in the office being turned out, left me both giddy and nauseous an hour later. I managed to reach home in one piece, skipped dinner and went to bed.

Woke up Sat morning with no appetite. Skipped lunch, and went to 'Not Just Jazz By the Bay' at Marine Lines along with some friends for a short film festival organised by a group called Shamiana. Here’s a quick review of what I saw:

1. Mission Good Morning (mostly silent) (India)

An interesting take on how millions of Indians start their day.

Dir: Tariq Mohd
Dur: 3 mins

2. Guided Storm (Korean)

A South Korean movie made by an Indian. Outlines the disillusionments and disappointments encountered in the search for someone. The scenes swing between the past and present.

Dir: Tascha Eipe
Dur: 15 mins

3. Freiheit (silent) (U.S) (1966)

A short about a man trying to cross the Berlin border and being shot to death.

Dir: George Lucas
Dur: 3 mins

4. Hridaytteieykku Oru Madakayathra (Malayalam) (2008) (loosely means ‘Journey back to the Heart’)

A tale of father-son conflict.

Dir: Abhinand Kumar
Dur: 15 mins

5. Muslim…but NOT a Terrorist (Hindi)

A story of a young Muslim boy and his ordeal and dreams. I found this film too preachy. Linked it here -

Dir: Douglas D’Gama
Dur: 12 mins

6. IMAGO (animation) (France)

A beautifully made movie about a young boy who dreams of becoming a pilot. Years later, he hasn’t fulfilled his dream but sees the same passion in his Grandson. 30 second clip linked here -

Dir: De Cedric Babouche
Dur: 12 mins

We headed off to 'Janata' in Bandra after the screening, got tired of waiting for a table, and went to Toto's, where we encountered the same problem. Finally got a place to sit at around 11.30 though.


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