Monday, 29 June 2009

Shilonda Trail Tryout

Went to the SGNP on Sun. Was at Borivali Stn at 7.15 A.M to meet RV, who turned up a half hour late. We were supposed to meet BB at the main gate at 7.30, but she was a half hour late as well.

We started off and it immediately began to rain, but only for a minute. We took a few wrong turns, courtesy me, before finding the right path. Noticed that all the streams and rivers in the park were dried up. Despite the pleasant spell of rain we had on Friday (the spell that made us all watch our windows more than our computers at work), it didn't seem to do much to the park's water bodies. And worse, it wasn't raining much that morning and got really warm towards afternoon.

Still, we enjoyed talking throughout our 3 hour walk. I don't get to have many enjoyable & engaging conversations on a daily basis. It rained once towards the end of our little walk as well, and that was it.

BB bid us goodbye at the gate and RV and I went to a restaurant nearby, where he mostly drank and I mostly ate. We then headed to MD's place at Poinsur, where we lunched on delicious pork.


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