Sunday, 21 June 2009

Weekly Roundup

Well, it's been a week. One week since I returned from a long holiday and one week since I've been back at work.
And it's been a busy week as well.

My friend OB is moving to Brazil for a while, so I've spent both Wednesday and Thursday hanging out with him after work. Wednesday at Barista near the office, where he tells me I'm a good conversationalist when all I do is let him talk, and Thursday at CCD at Dadar, where I meet him and another old college friend SP, who's now into photography. See a bike accident near the flyover. Luckily, the driver who's bike skidded isn't badly hurt.

Friday night is spent at Janata after work with an office mate, who offers to sell me his 500 GB hard disk. I need disk space. My comp is full of photos.

Saturday night is spent catching up with PV, first at Janata again, where we miraculously get a place to sit at at 10.30, and then at CCD Carter Rd, after which I retire to his place at 5 gardens for the night. Woken up by a car that turns turtle after ramming into a divider outside his flat. The two occupants are wearing belts and aren't hurt, but are in shock like yesterday's biker. That's two accidents in two days.

We have breakfast at an Irani cafe the next morning, and I head home. It's been really hot this past week. When I'm on the train I have sweat dripping down my face onto the book I'm reading. And this is at night. If I'd known we were going to have a delayed monsoon I would have taken an extra week's leave.


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