Sunday, 28 June 2009

Movie Seen - Dial M for Murder

A 1954 Hitchcock movie. A man sets up his wife's murder. When it goes wrong, he has his wife framed instead. As good as Rear Window.

As usual, the trivia on the DVD extras makes for interesting viewing - the 3-D aspect of the movie and the need for an intermission, Hitchcock's cameo in this film (isn't an easy one to spot), the film being based on a play and the changes Hitchcock made, other film makers' opinions on the film and cast. 

MD dropped by my place mid way through the movie. It was a Saturday. We chatted, I showed him all my travel pics, he said he's impressed I travelled alone. Everyone keeps telling me that. Two college friends, my cousin, and now him. I invited him to Shilonda on Sunday but he had other commitments.


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