Saturday, 27 February 2010

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2009

And continuing with my series on Kala Ghoda Arts Festivals that I haven't documented on my one and only blog, here's KGAF '09.

We (intrepid explorers/lonely bachelors that my friends and I are) had paid a visit to the zoo that morning, followed by lunch at Mondegars. And then KGAF. Being a Sunday afternoon, there weren't that many people around, even on the last day of the festival.

One of the first things we saw was an exhibit representing the balance that is constantly living in Mumbai.

I'm calling this one "Don't play with your planet".

A phoenix made out of junk - something about life thriving in garbage.

Some kind of war and peace message.

I thought at first that this was another 'life in Mumbai' piece but it turned out to be an anti-smoking installation.

Not sure about this one. A tribute to travel and chai?

Creative clocks and home decor.

Another junk sculpture. I saw similar ones at Mathuradas Mills.

A tribute to our cycle usage.

The pavements had their usual painting exhibitions/sales.

This art furniture was cool.

And so were these religious artworks.

An exhibit on water conservation.

On sound pollution in the city.

I couldn't tell what this one was. The card below explained it.

A reminder of the amount of garbage we produce.

This was an interesting one - a message on sustainable living. Unlike the baby scorpions feeding off and killing their mother, we're shouldn't be destroying the city we live in by over exploiting it.

I don't remember what this one was.

Our world - don't throw it away.

A few ones on reducing waste.

A portrayal of how we try to survive in the city, struggling constantly.

I left towards evening as the crowds swelled. It got a bit windy, and a gust blew over this festival map. No one cared. That said a lot about Mumbai, turning this into an unintentional social exhibit of it's own.

KGAF 2010 will be coming up shortly. Click here to see a summary of my visit to KGAF 2008.


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