Monday, 16 February 2009

Byculla Zoo, Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Kala Ghoda '09

Went to Byculla Zoo on Sunday morning. Met up with PV and BD and took a cab to the zoo at 10.15.

Looked around at the plant exhibition first. Then bought tickets to the zoo (Rs. 5 per adult and Rs. 10 for a camera). The zoo is large, spacious, quiet and very green.

The condition of the animals however, was quite bad. We saw two elephants. One was in its pen, the other was chained outside. There was a single bored looking lioness in a cage. Same with the Hyena - just one, and looking bored. Why do they keep these animals here if they can't find company for them?

This reminded me of an earlier post I wrote about the zoo here.

Saw quite a few crocs, snakes, birds and deer.

Then went to the Bhau Daji Lad museum next door. It was refurbished recently and really looks good. I'm talking international good. They don't allow photography inside however. The ground floor is taken up with the agricultural and trade heritage of India, with descriptions and displays of various products produced and the tools used to produce them in the small scale and cottage industries.

The first floor is dedicated to the religious heritage of India and the history of Mumbai, with descriptions of Mumbai's different communities, displays showing Mumbai's development into a city, and depictions of the British Indian Army.

We three of us then went to Kala Ghoda, from where we walked to Mondegar for lunch, after which PV had his portrait drawn by a street artist, and I bought one of those wire frame puzzles. They both left soon after and I roamed about the area, clicking away. It was really crowded, a lot more crowded than last year's festival. Maybe because that Sunday was the last day of the festival? I noticed a lot more displays this year as well.

Headed home soon after.


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