Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Celebrity March

With IPL Season 2 nearing, activity at the office seems to be heating up.

RR team manager and director of coaching Darren Berry came in for a meeting and photo op yesterday. And today was RR Vice Chairman Ravi Krishnan's and co-owner Raj Kundra's turn in the boardroom.

New co-owner of approximately 12% of the RR along with Shilpa Shetty, Mr. Kundra came in with bodyguards, shades and the attitude and dress sense of a big time celebrity rather than a businessman, but perhaps that's what you'd expect from a flamboyant entrepreneur and self made millionaire.

Team physio John Gloster has paid us a visit in the past, and the friendly, humble Dinesh Salunkhe regularly makes guest appearances, at one time even trying out a cricket bat from our storeroom. Hopefully, he only did that for fun and that's not how we stock our players. Or maybe the recession HAS hit us.

But the one guy we're really waiting for is Warnie. Hopefully he'll turn up late on a Friday night with a case of rum, a few RR cheerleaders and designs on Bandra's nightlife.



Fangs said...


where do you work? with all the hi fliers coming in n out of your office!

Daniel said...

Hey, now I can't give out too much info :-)

Fangs said...

true true!

we can't have that!

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