Saturday, 7 February 2009

Friday Culinary Expedition

Hung around Bandra for a while after work with a friend on Friday. Chilled out at Bandstand and then went to Pali looking for food.

Went to MacCraig's first. Almost everything was over (it was about 9.00 P.M).

Then went to this Parsi cafe opposite 5 Spice called Ashmick's Snack Shack. Most of the stuff like the frankies and rolls were over, so we had the chicken burgers, which tasted really weird. The patties were small and there was some kind of weird sauce in the burger. Not worth it for Rs.55. Also tried the Chocolate Mousse, which is among the best I've ever had, though expensive at Rs.40 for a negligible quantity.

Walked around for a while noticing all the new places to eat, places we've not been to before and might visit in the near future. Glad to know that Pali has a lot of cafe's and small eateries that are quite affordable, and not just expensive restaurants. When I say quite affordable, I'm talking of course in relative terms. What costs Rs.40 in Bandra would easily cost Rs. 25-30 elsewhere.


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