Sunday, 1 February 2009


Met up with FP, his friend EA, and cousin on Fri night. The plan was for me to take them around Bandra and help them indulge in some local fare vis a vis food.

So we met at Karachi Sweets at around 8.00 P.M, where we tried the Sev Puri, Malai Kulfi, Pista Kulfi, and a Kesar shake.

I then took them to Cheron, where they tried various croissants - Chicken Tikka, Chicken Malai, and Manchurian Chicken.

Then went to Elco's, where FP and EA had the Lassi, FP's favourite drink since his last visit there, and one which he urged EA to try, while his cousin tried the Pineapple Mosambi juice, all very good.

I decide to take them to Toto's next; we walked there from Elco's only to find it closed. Went to Janta's close by, to find it closed as well, which could only mean a dry day.

So we walked back the way we came and chilled out at Gloria Jean's. FP and his friend have got to be the lamest Gloria Jean's customers ever; with all the variety on offer, all they had was the tea and lemon juice.


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