Monday, 1 November 2010

India Music Event Listings

I was asked recently about Indian websites that list live music events. It seems one of the main ones - Gigpad - is now shut. I wasn't too sure about alternate options, but I've since done a little research and included what I've found below. Please feel free to add to the list.

Collative sites:

After I sent out a tweet, Yorick pointed me to NH7, a new music everything site with news, reviews, upcoming gigs and interactive features.

And friend NS sent me a link to Indivibe, for updates on the Indian clubbing scene, and Submerge, for the EDM scene.

Burrp also sprang to mind. Though primarily aimed and food and restaurant listings and reviews, they've expanded into all types of events - art, music, dance, etc. I love their web interface, subscribe to their newsletter, and think it's a great way to keep updated about events in your city.

Book my Show is another site I remembered. The site lists a lot of gigs, even non-music ones, and you can book and pay online.

Kyazoonga also lists a few live events and lets you book online.

And there's Reverbnation. They list local events and let you follow groups you like.

Music Venues:

For venue-specific listings, you could always visit or subscribe to feeds from websites/blogs or e-newsletters of places in your city that host gigs, like the NCPA, Hard Rock Cafe, Blue Frog & B69 in Mumbai.


For those of you in the music business, the Indian Music Conference site might come in handy for upcoming meetings, places to network, and a few live event updates (hat tip - textualoffender)

Updates anyone?


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