Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Movies Seen: The American Astronaut, The Illusionist

A 2001 space-western & musical film - weird, visually striking, artsy and boring. Great colours and camera work. Got the feel of a Western. But a story that's too strange to follow seriously. An attempt at a cult film gone flat.

A 2006 film directed by Neil Burger. A lower-class magician falls in love with an upper-class girl. A doomed romance. She's engaged to a possessive bully, from who the magician helps her escape.

The film's got a bit of a fairy-tale feel to it, with some amount of predictability. It is watchable but not as good as that other movie released in 2006 that also dealt with magic - The Prestige. The Illusionist is more romance than rivalry. The major saving grace here is the acting. Paul Giamatti, Ed Norton, and Rufus Sewell perform well as always.



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