Monday, 8 November 2010

Why there are No White People in Khandala

    Khandala, 29 Aug 2009. I don't see any foreign tourists here, do you?

Recently, I was speaking with an American gentlemen who happens to be a regular traveller to Mumbai. One of the questions I asked him was why most foreign tourists to Mumbai only hang out around Colaba, when there are beautiful places to see outside the city. I assumed this was because most guidebooks aimed at foreign tourists only publicise the town bit (see Dear Lonely Planet India), which of course brought up another question - why the guidebook focus on town?

His answer was, most foreign tourists who come to India don't have much time to see the whole country. Many of them have taken leave from work to be here, giving them maybe 2/3 weeks for their trip. And then they try to fit in as many places into that time period, leaving them with maybe just 2/3 days to see Mumbai. As such, the guidebooks try to reflect this reality, giving those people interested in spending only a few days in Mumbai the relevant information they need i.e. the must-sees like Colaba, Elephanta, Haji Ali, etc.

And here I was wondering why I don't see white people in Khandala.



Ryan Valles said...

Well we can change that buddy, what say you??

Daniel D'Mello said...

Yeah, there's always skin bleaching treatments, right?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Well... I guess someone needs to translate Aamir Khan's famous song... in english. For 'white people' to make a beeline for Khandala... ;)

Melvin Dsouza said...

Dan! Shoosh.... The Brown people are already infesting this place like termites on wood... Please dont add to the traffic. I dont want any whiteskins here no matter how pleasant to look at they may be.

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