Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bandra Food Tour

Following our first food tour this year on Jan 15, where ZP, SP, RG & I drove around Bandra, sampling various delights at Grub Corner, MikNeil, MacCraig, Cheron, Kalpana & Cad-B, and eventually lost a cell phone along the way, the one on Feb 26 was somewhat longer, with fewer people, more photos, and no car.

Yes, it was walking all the way, beginning at MacCraig at 1.00. The photos below were all taken by @DeeSeelicious

I've always considered MacCraig a somewhat smaller version of Candies, especially without all the school/college kids hanging about. They have a good selection of snacks, including full meals, though we tried the BBQ and smoked chicken rolls.

We walked through Pali to Mikneil next. I love the cosy look of the place. People out here are good at using little spaces to good effect. They were out of tongue sandwiches, so we settled for beef.

We walked down to Hill road, and then crossed over to the road behind St. Peter's and Stanislaus school, heading towards Chapel road, passing Kakori House, a take-away for one of Mumbai's best Biryanis. Saw this funny sight en route:

                                                         Chalk it up to cats being illiterate

Kalpana on Chapel road hadn't opened yet, so we headed to Speedy Grub Corner on St. John Baptist road, a few minutes away, for cutlets, chicken lollipops, and a mutton roll.

                                                           Nothing silly about their prices 

We walked back down to Kalpana, now open, for a beef pan roll.

The plan was to go on to Mocha Mojo next, and rendezvous with KD, but we couldn't help stopping at one of my favourite dessert places for some chocolate mousse.

I love the signs on the shop window.

Mocha Mojo next where KD had spaghetti with sausages, followed by a really large pitcher of beer with DC.

We chilled here, waiting for the day to get cooler, and then walked back to MacCraig for smaller desserts. Tasty.

And then on to Theobroma, for chili cheesecake.

Even a premier cafe isn't immune to the occasional grammar gaffe.

                                     A real chocolate orange mouse would truly be a tiered dish

And while leaving, we noticed that St. Teresa's church nearby had a bit of a double entendre for us.

Till next time...



DeeSee said...

It was a super day. Tiring as hell. But i had a wonderful time. Next plan.... Food Crawl at Fort.

~j~ said...

I also want to be part of a food crawl :(

Nice post and pics, boys!


Gypsy Rose said...

Did all the above happen over a period of time or one single day?

Daniel D'Mello said...

All in one day. Over 6 hours.

The knife said...

Don't you guys dare to go to Fort without me!!!!! Mc Craig is next to my lane

Daniel D'Mello said...

Oh, we'll definitely go to Fort when it's cooler, and we'll invite you along too :-)

Chris from bestflights.co.za said...

This is the very best part of traveling - finding and eating local food! It makes travel more unique and meaningful too.

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