Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to Pick a Job

You need money to get by. And barring a scenario where you win the lottery, etc., you need to work to make money. What type of work should you do?

It makes sense to do something that will pay at least reasonably well, and something you don't suck at, and that you don't hate doing. These are the minimum criteria. In a best case scenario, you'd be paid handsomely, would be fantastic at doing it, and would also love your work.

Working between the parameters of the minimum and best case scenarios above, you need to look at how well you like performing the tasks that your job requires of you. You see, every job simply consists of responsibilities, which can be further broken down into tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis. 

Do not be swayed or influenced by a job title. It is just a term, a name, it means nothing. It induces a feeling in you, of what that job might be like, that isn't necessarily accurate. A job is really the tasks that it comprises.

So get a feel of what tasks the job would require of you, what you would do on a daily basis. If you enjoy these, and are paid well to do these, and have a natural aptitude for these tasks, you're set.


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