Tuesday, 10 May 2011

India Travel Forums

Here are some particularly useful sites you can use for advise, to help you plan trips around India:

Ghumakkar - people sharing travel stories.

IndiaMike - extensive travel forums and discussions.

Team BHP - Essentially a car-centric site with a very helpful travel forum.

Got any additions?



Swathi Manikireddy said...

Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing. The above forums are useful for me so much. I would like to add one forum i,e HOPAROUNDINDIA provide information about the India Travel Forums . I hop u can find what u are searching.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to India on my own, but I need a transport from and to airport ( example when I was in Krakow I used website: http://krakowdirect.com )
I looking some similar in India, company just like taxi, but I want to organized everything before. Maybe someone of you know the same website?

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