Friday, 20 May 2011

My Last Meal

My last meal would be egg mushroom bacon prawn fried noodles, cooked Indian-Chinese style, seasoned with hot & soy sauce. Sorpotel and Dhansak rice. I would have beef steak with this, with potato, green chillies & fried red and spring onions. And some juicy fried cow tongue, along with khiri and boti. Some lamb Karahi, cooked really dark. Albanian beef hotpot with extra cheese. Gumbo. King pao chicken. Mutton pepper fry and beef rendang. Caribbean curry goat and Laotian chilly pork. And juicy sticky BBQ pork ribs & some pork chilly with spring onions. And some macarel baked with masala and breadcrumbs. Tiger prawns, mussels, shellfish, squid and oysters, cooked Goan style. A red hot orange paneer pan roll. Punjabi tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chicken tikka and naan. A mayo pasta salad with grapes, pineapple & bacon. 

With Port wine. Dessert would be chocolate cake, mousse, a chocolate doughnut, caramel custard, China grass, different types of chocolate ice-cream, a walnut waffle with honey, syrup & cream, a chocolate eclair, and a fortune cookie.

What would your last meal be?


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