Saturday, 22 October 2011

Avengers Predictions

My predictions for the next Avengers movie:

Expect 2 main similarities to the 2006 animated film Ultimate Avengers - aliens & inter group conflict.

Loki is on Earth & has the 'cosmic cube'.

He uses it to summon an army of aliens to take over/destroy Earth, his objectives being power/revenge.

These aliens will be either Skrulls or Chitauri (Ultimate Skrulls).

If they're aligned to Loki and brought to Earth by him it's unlikely that they will have had any connection to the Nazi war effort or Red Skull, as seen in previous story lines.

The Avengers will spend most of the film fighting Loki's army.

With the majority of the film's running time being spent on the Avengers fighting Loki, it might skip the Avengers' recruitment parts and go straight to the inter group conflict stage.

The first half hour of the film will be spent in the story's premise i.e setting up the Loki conflict, and establishing tensions between various characters.

Expect the more independent Avengers, Iron Man and Thor, to have trouble fitting in as team players. They want to do their own thing. 

This frustrates Captain America, their field leader, who also considers going it alone, until they in turn impress him with changes in character, sacrificing their egos to all work together as a team.

The Avengers will battle the Hulk at some point.

At the end of the film, Loki is defeated but not killed. He probably has an escape route planned in the possibility of failure. He's powerless, but still has his mind. Expect more appearances in sequels, where he plays his enemies against each other.

The after-credits scene will either feature Loki, or a new Avenger (Black Panther?).


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