Monday, 17 October 2011

Movies Seen Recently - Jesus: The Real Story, Megastructures: World Island Wonder, The Runaways, Fading of the Cries, An American Tail

3 part documentary on the historical context in which the biblical stories of Jesus took place. Interesting.

Interesting documentary describing Dubai's World Island project and the challenges in its construction - finding the right sand for the islands, the irony of not being able to use desert sand, building a tide break to protect the islands from erosion, arranging adequate water flow so it doesn't turn into a swamp, and planning an efficient water transportation network once the islands are populated. Informative and well made.

A film about the 1970's all girl band, as experienced through the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Not bad.

A waste of everyone's time. Avoid.

A Don Bluth classic. Good for kids. Not sure if it ages well.


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