Monday, 3 October 2011

Movies Seen Recently - Batman: Under the Red Hood, Peyote to LSD, Nostradamus Decoded, How to Train your Dragon, Fracture, Batman & Mr Freeze

Shades of maturity throughout the film. Excellent opening credits too. Like a few other DC universe films I've seen, this one also includes ensemble villains, which is kind of a plus here. The joker is modeled more after the the new Heath Ledger character, rather than any of the previous ones, another plus. Though his role is central to the story, most of the events revolve around Red Hood and Black Mask. 

However, strong censorship and over the top action distract from these fine elements.

Extremely detailed historical documentary on the spread of popularity of LSD, with particular focus on the anthropological significance of Peyote among Native American tribes, and the work of Richard Evans Schultes.

Discovery Channel documentary that doesn't really offer anything new, apart from evidence of a few coincidences that can be seen in different perspectives.

Like most DreamWorks films, not exactly cinematic excellence, but fun. Much better in every respect than some of their other recent films. Great in a conventional way. Would look excellent on a large screen.

Fracture (2007)

It seems like Anthony Hopkins alternates between extreme greatness and extreme creepiness in each film role he takes up. This film is sort of conventional. The performances are good, but the narrative has gaps, and the story is more or less predictable.

Kind of like The Lincoln Lawyer, but with better lighting. While The Lincoln Lawyer resembled Shaft, the videography in Fracture gives it a classy look. That and the performances keep you interested.

A follow-on to the animated series, and what seems like one very long episode of the series. We've come to expect more.


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