Saturday, 18 April 2009

Closing Day

Last day at the office yesterday - I won't be back there for almost two months. I felt a bit uncomfortable and scared yesterday before leaving - I always get nervous about stuff like this. I feel like I'm going to miss something important, or some crisis is going to crop up that I should be present to handle.

Anyway, I managed to finish a lot of last minute handover tasks, not that there were that many in the first place, which is on of the reasons I'm going on sabbatical. I then left with four other guys from the office for Janta, where we ate and drank ourselves silly.

Ah Janta, where cheap alcohol rules. Pity that I was straddled with three guys who just had to try the fancy schmancy expensive Copenhagen beer, which jacked up our bill price. Still, I used this opportunity to indulge in a little whisky tasting. Had 30 ml each of Signature, McDowell's, RC, and DSP. Nice. Real nice. And incredibly affordable.

We kept snacking simultaneously of course. Had the Chicken Crunchy (very good), Surmai Fry (just O.K for me - we make better fish at home), Prawn Chilly Fry (very good, but could do with more prawns and less chilly), and Reshmi Tikka (simply amazing). And finally ended with a Dal Khichdi and Chicken Biryani (both average). On member of our team left midway, and we watched another get quite drunk on some Smirnoff. We managed to get to the station in one piece at 12.30, me sharing a seat with the rickshaw driver on the way there.


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