Tuesday, 21 April 2009

It could have been worse

This Saturday began well. For starters, I woke late after a late Friday night. Then I spent the morning and afternoon relaxing. The tiresome part began when I left home in the early evening to go to PV's place to catch the second IPL match, but made a detour to the office first to mail some docs to myself that I had forgotten to do on Friday.

This took longer than expected, what with traffic in Bandra being real mean. I had to walk halfway to the office just to save time. And walked back all the way to the station when I was done. Went to Dadar and found PV's place at Five Gardens quite easily, and was treated to Dhansak for dinner, along with a long walk around Five Gardens.

Returned to see the Royals get crushed badly by the Challengers. Didn't stay for the end but left, walking to Dadar station. I was surprised at how tried I was on the train ride home. I was nodding off on the train and couldn't concentrate on my book. All I wanted to do was to get home as quickly as possible and get some sleep.

My rickshaw was quick enough, but on reaching LIC colony, we saw an overturned rickshaw in the middle of the street blocking all traffic. We were the second ones on the spot. A car had stopped by on the other side and a guy had already got out and was turning the rickshaw over. I felt a bit queasy as I could see a foot jutting out from under the overturned vehicle as we got closer, and I realised it probably belonged to the rickshaw driver. I didn't know if he was crushed or dead.

By the time I got out of my rick and had walked up to the overturned rick, the guy from the car was already righting it. I walked round to the other side, where the victim lay, and noticed two things simultaneously - that there had been no passengers in the rick, and that the driver was alive and not too badly hurt. There was a bid of blood on the ground, and he did have a few ugly bruises and scrapes on the knee and arm, but he seemed O.K otherwise. He was badly shaken up though. He looked like he was in shock or something. While the guy from the other car helped him to his feet, my rickshaw driver and I moved his rick to the side of the road and helped the driver into our rickshaw. I told my driver to take the injured driver to a hospital, paid him, and walked the rest of the way home.

Had a quick shower and went to bed. Feel asleep almost a soon as my head hit the pillow. Haven't fallen asleep so quickly in ages. Haven't been this tired in ages.


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