Sunday, 5 April 2009

Movies seen recently: LA Confidential, Carnages

L.A Confidential

A 1997 Curtis Hanson movie. This would have been just another typical two-unlikely-would-be-partners-team-up-to-solve-a-case, if it wasn't for Kevin Spacey being cast as the go between, the intermediary, between Russell Crowe's and Guy Pearce's almost black and white characters. Wanted to see it again as soon as I finished watching it, which is a good sign.


Reminds me of a lot of dumb Spanish & Mexican movies I've seen. A common factor connects various unrelated people and stories.

In this case, a bull is killed. It's cut up and its parts are shipped to various locations across Europe. The criss-crossing stories of the people whose lives these parts come into make up the movie.

Not worth the time spent watching it. I actually saw this last year and it was one of the reasons that led to me create a Movie Watching Guide.


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