Monday, 16 March 2009

College Reunion

Attended a college reunion on Sunday. Landed there at 10.00 A.M. No one there. The cafeteria. What have they done with it? It's brand new. Completely redone. Looks amazing. Couldn't believe it.

Spent time at the Chapel, then walked halfway to St. Andrews Church. TP picked me up on the way and made me buy a chocolate croissant for him - disgusting. He then parked near the college and found out that he could park inside when we had already walked half the distance, so he walked back to get his car. I raced him and won. Loser.

The reunion was for every batch since '83. I was born in '83. Saw a few oldies.
Met my friends again. Not seen them in a few months. Saw a few of my other batchmates as well, but not a lot. Saw many of my old professors.

Had a quiz, followed by housie. Ex student cum rapper performs for us. Snacks. Speeches. Vote of thanks. See you in November.

No plans for afterwards. I wanna hang but everyone's too lazy to do anything but go home. I've gotta get new friends. New awesome friends.

SD drops me at Malad. Shows me a new shortcut to get to the station. What a gem of a guy.


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Jungleboy said...

Hey I didn't know about the reunion... I passed out of Andrews in 2001 so I guess I was eligible too. Perhaps had I know I'd tried to have been there too.

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