Monday, 9 March 2009

Movies Seen

Saturday -

Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk - Good movies, lots of cameos, look forward to the sequels.

Sunday -

L'Argent - Boring.

Tropic Thunder - Funny at parts.



Bits and Pieces said...

Hey Daniel! As a mumbaiker, what do you think of the 'film du jour' slumdog millionaire - everyones goin on about it...!!

I've got a new post up, after a hiatus when I didn't have the internet for a few months. I think you've read Dorian Gray??

Daniel said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. What happened to your internet connection?

Slumdog Millionaire? - not seen it yet. Not that eager to, with all the hype and all.

Bits and Pieces said...

Oh I moved houses and they took forever to set up my new internet connection... sigh... although i must say that i spent all that no-net time getting to know the 'real world' better :-)

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