Friday, 6 March 2009

The Farewell Tour

Met up with FP and friends one last time on Monday, the day before he left for Toronto.

We had decided to meet at KFC on Linking Rd at 8.00 P.M, after which FP could go shopping. So I turned up on time and met the other two group members there. FP kept us waiting for him for a while.

He did turn up eventually and in one piece, and did a bit of last minute shopping for stoles, while I shared the fugias I'd bought that afternoon, with the rest of the group.
Being in my bag for 5 hours, they weren't really warm, and fugias taste so much better when warm. On the plus side, my bag had begun to smell really nice.

We then walked, looking for a place to eat, and stopped at a Gelato place nearby, where I was reminded by my sense of taste once again how much I didn't really appreciate the finer nuances of Gelato ice-cream.

I mean, it's not bad or anything, but it's not that good either. The first time I ever tried Gelato ice cream was at Phoenix mills sometime in 2007. Didn't like it that time either. The only reason I tried it this time was because there was this hot girl there who seemed to be making some kind of grandiose plans with the staff and who seemed to be some kind of super expert on the flavours there, and who exhorted us more than once to try this and this and so on.

I finally tried the one she said was her favourite. What a waste of money. I only did it to find some common ground to start a conversation with her but couldn't get a word in after she resumed talking to the staff animatedly like she was planning an invasion or something.

We kept walking and looking for a place to eat and came across Stomach, but decided it was not the place we definitely wanted to stop at.
At least not just yet without looking at other options. The group had entrusted me with finding a place to eat and I knew if we kept walking we'd find something. We then stumbled upon Taava.

The food at Taava was good, but the lassi sucked, not that I was too concerned cos I wasn't the one who ordered it. Serves you right FP for having something to drink at Taava. If only you had bothered to read my past blog posts, you would have realised drinking at Taava is a strict no-no. This is what people get for ignoring my blog.

Still, we were more concerned with having an enjoyable time, cracking jokes non-stop than the quality of food. There did come a point of time during our conversation where I made everyone get serious and answer my Canada queries, like are all Canadians really afraid of the dark, do they end all their sentences in 'eh'? Do they all wear snowsuits and speak French? Their answers to all the above questions were in the affirmative, confirming what I had already suspected, that Canada is a barbarous uncivilized country.

We then walked to Janta, after a stop at Toto's, which FP didn't like as he wanted a place to sit. What a wuss.

Janta was good. Drank a bit. Talked. Discussed taking over the world. Or a bookshop. I'm not sure. Don't remember exactly. Savoured the company.

Later, went to the ATM to withdraw some cash that I owed someone. Noticed an argument happening inside between a couple of girls and a guy who seemed to have struck up a conversation with a female member of their group. I lost interest when I realised it wasn't a girl fight. But by then I had already primed by digicam for video recording. What a waste of battery life.

Went home soon after. It was midnight.

Sent a message to FP as soon as I reached home telling him I reached alright, not because I'm in the habit of updating my friends about my wehereabouts to comfort them, but because he asked me to and I said yes. He spoke to me the next day commenting on how long it must have taken me to reach Borivali. What a townie.


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