Saturday, 28 March 2009

End of Days

Yeah well, it feels that way. Two friends of mine are getting married in the next two months. That will bring the total damages to three married friends in five months. And two out of those three are responsible for 90% of all the hanging out I do in the city when I'm not on a trip. With one of them recently married, forcing me, in recent times, to spend more time with the other, and the other one due to fall into the nuptial abyss soon, I'll now be left with no one to be awesome with.

Not that they were any good at helping me score or anything. In fact, they were and are horrible wingmen. But I enjoy the company. It's a shame to go straight home on a Friday night after work without at least taking a shot at some form of nightlife. Tis a shame indeed.

This just makes me angry. What's happening? Why is everyone getting married? What's wrong with them? And what about me? What do I do? Well, two things really. I can hang out with other friends - friends I'd like to know better but with whom I've not had the chance to till now; and I can meet new people as well. I'm pretty sure about the former but not so sure about the latter.

Anyway, I hung out with TP and RV for a while last night. It was fun, until they decided to call it a night at 8.30! Am I the only guy in this city who still wants to have fun? It feels like that sometimes.

The night started out with me calling TP, who told me he was playing basketball that evening. so I called RV, who agreed that we meet at St. Peter's. So I go there but RV's running a bit late and I see TP instead, and I suddenly remember that that's where TP plays basketball. So I hide from him cos I don't want him to know that I know his friend RV. At least not yet.

I attend Mass for a while, and then exit the church to see TP leaving, and then see RV soon after. He tells me TP's been calling him as well, and drives me to Good luck, where me meet TP, who doesn't seem too surprised that we know each other. What a waste of a good surprise. We eat rolls at Dee Rolls. TP eats half of mine. What a moocher.

I tell them I'm planning to visit Ladakh in May/June and that I'm looking for travel partners and ask that they spread the word. And then they leave - at 8:30 - leaving me with no choice but to go home as well. Seriously, who goes home that early? I mean, this isn't some half dead city like Muscat. In fact, I've been out later that 8:30 in Muscat, and I was just a kid then.

I'm starting to feel like this guy - alone and hopeless:

(Totally lame 1999 movie that I saw in a theatre in Muscat 10 years ago but which I absolutely loved at the time because I was a kid and I hadn't seen a lot of action movies and didn't know any better. But I saw it with friends and had a blast and have no regrets doing it and that's what counts)


CK said...

I know exactly what you mean about friends, marriage and the whole shebang. Marriage blows and your buddies tend to become (despite vehement protests to the contrary) dull as nails. Good luck finding new people to hang out with.

Daniel D'Mello said...

Thanks CK. I've really made progress since March, started hanging out with other friends and met lots of new ones too - mostly travel lovers like myself.

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